DoubleLocker Android Ransomware.

DoubleLocker Android Ransomware Encrypts Data And Changes PIN To Permanently Lock Your Phone. ESET’s security researchers have identified a new kind of ransomware, which infects Android devices by using a technique that so far was used by Trojans. It not only encrypts your mobile phone but also modified its PIN. The ransomware has been named DoubleLocker [...]

How I solve MD5 Games 1 – Hack Dat Kiwi 2017

Let's  see how the challenge code looks like. <?php $md5=$_GET['md5']; if($md5==md5($md5)){ echo "The correct value is ...."; }else{ echo "Wrong"; } I didn't remember the original code but it's very similar to this. $md5==md5($md5)  How is this posible? Thats the point. If you read read this Article you can see , $md5='0ebc12423'; // start with 0e if [...]

Web Security Dynamic Analyses with OWASP ZAP

What is Dynamic Security analysis ? Dynamic application security testing (DAST) is examine the security application in the running sate and trying to poke it and prod it in unexpected ways in order to discover security vulnerabilities.[1] What is OWASP Zap ? The OWASP Zap attacking proxy is one of the most popular free security [...]

Static Code analysis

What is Static Code analysis  Static Code analysis(Source code analysis) is usually performed as part of Code review and carried out at the software implementation phase of a Secure Software Development life Cycle (Secure SDLC).Static code analysis falls under white Box testing when considering  different type of the testing approaches.Static code analysis commonly refer to running [...]

Cross-site Scripting Attacks: Misunderstood and Dangerous

How misunderstood is it? In a large number of situations, cross-site scripting is compared to SQL-injection due to similarities in their practice of injecting malicious code into legitimate and trusted code. However, this is misguiding and demeaning to both attack categories. They are two quite independent beasts that work in very different contexts and arise [...]